I know that most people initially choose to contact me via E mail, website contact form, Facebook or text.  However, when it comes to making your first booking, this should be made by telephone for the following reasons: –

  • Not all the treatments I offer are suitable for everyone. Therefore, if you have a specific medical condition or concern please ask which of the therapies would be suitable, as there are a number of “contra-indications” where specific treatments cannot be given.
  • Having had the opportunity to discuss your reasons for booking an appointment, I can ensure the treatment is suitable for your specific needs. A full consultation will also be carried out at your first appointment and a treatment plan discussed if required.
  • As I have a number of different consultation forms and leaflets I can ensure I send you the correct information prior to your appointment.
  • For home appointments, I need to bring along the correct equipment to ensure your comfort. For example, my reclining reflexology chair is not suitable for maternity clients.
  • I quite often have several people contacting me at the same time and my availability is constantly changing. As I cover such a large area for home appointments I need to factor in my travelling time.
  • My personal safety as a therapist.