Most people when they think of reflexology immediately think of a lovely foot massage. Obviously I believe it is much more than that; the whole body is mapped on the feet and by working on specific points reflexology may help re-balance the body. Many of my clients feel sensations in their bodies in the corresponding areas that I am working on their feet – which is always very exciting.
As well as foot reflexology, I am also trained in hand reflexology and I often give my clients specific hand reflexes to work on between appointments.

In 2016 I trained in Bergman Method Facial Reflexology. This method has been developed by Ziggy Bergman over the last 20 years and as with all our training, before being ‘let loose’ on the public, we have to carry out a number of case studies and pass a level of competency before we can be registered as practitioners. I was not short of volunteers to be case studies as this is such a fantastic relaxing treatment. Like other reflexology methods, it is based on Zone Theory (the body being divided into 10 longitudinal zones) and the organs of the body have been mapped onto the face. A number of techniques are used; including sweeping moves, metamorphic technique, pulsating on specific reflexes and ‘finger walking’ (a very specific reflexology technique). As well as stimulating specific reflex points, it is an incredibly relaxing treatment which in addition may help your circulation, the release of toxins via your lymphatic system and, with the use of Neals Yard facial oils, leaves your skin feeling lovely and refreshed.

So far, all my clients who have tried both the short and full length facial reflexology treatments have loved it. If you would like to find out more, just give me a call.

There is also ear reflexology, known as Auriculotherapy, although I think I’ll just stick to foot, hand and facial reflexology and Ear Candling for now.

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