As you can see from my website, I offer appointments at The Garden Room in Hutton and, for those unable to travel to me or with mobility problems, home appointments in Brentwood, Billericay, Ongar and surrounding areas.

But, which is best?

Here are just a few of the advantages of each: –

Appointments at The Garden Room 

Home appointments

Free parking available. No need to drive anywhere
Everything all set up for a relaxing treatment; subdued lighting, relaxing music, comfortable couch I bring along everything I need to ensure your comfort, including lovely relaxing music
No interruptions Feeling at ease in your own home
Time away from home to totally relax Convenient if you are unable to drive
Additional treatments available such as Hot Stone Reflexology & Reiki No travel time
Day and evening appointments Daytime appointments available

The Garden Room is situated at the bottom of my  garden and there are steps (no handrail) and a loose stone path so, if you have mobility problems, a home appointment is probably more advisable.  There is an additional charge from home visits.

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