Other Treatments Available

I offer these appointments at The Garden Room in Hutton, Brentwood and mobile appointments if you are unable to travel to The Garden Room (mobile not available for Reiki or Ear Candling).  For home appointments in Brentwood, Billericay, Ongar and surrounding areas an additional charge will be applicable for travel time and cost.  A consultation is carried out prior to all treatments to ensure that they are suitable for your requirements and a Covid 19 risk assessment is completed prior to every appointment. 

Ear Candling usually only available at  The Garden Room

Also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, this treatment may help aid the release of congestion in the ears, nose, throat and head and assist in loosening excess and impacted wax in the ears.

The treatment is carried out lying down.  I use Biosun Ear Candles which I place in each ear in turn and complete the treatment with a face massage which may help to clear the sinuses.

See more in this short video

£40 per treatment including face massage using Neals Yard Facial Oils

£15 for ear candling only, without face massage (20 minute appointment)


Indian Head Massage

This relaxing treatment, based on the Ayurvedic healing system, is a massage to the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, scalp and face – all areas where we often hold our tension.  It may help bring relief to any tightness or stiffness in these areas.

The treatment is carried out fully clothed and in a seated position.

Check out my short video

£40 per treatment.

Group Treatments

Get a group of friends together to enjoy short taster Reflexology and/or Indian Head Massage treatments for a relaxing, fun day or evening. Each treatment will last 20 minutes and will be from £15 per treatment for a group of 4-8 people.

Story Massage

Story massage is a fun and interactive way of enjoying positive touch through storytelling and simple massage strokes worked on the back, arms and head.  It is suitable for everyone, whatever age and ability.  Workshops can be run for small groups of adults and children.

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