Many of you who have been to The Garden Room, will know my love of crystals.  Not only do they look beautiful, but they also have so many properties that can help us both physically and emotionally.

We all come into contact with crystals everyday; quartz is used in our mobile phones and watches.  It is piezoelectric, meaning that when pressure is exerted on it, it creates an electrical charge.  All crystals hold a vibrational energy which is why some people feel a warmth or energy when they handle them.

I will often use crystals when carrying out a Reiki treatment, placing crystals that correspond to the chakra colours onto my client.  When using crystals I may also Crystal Points, which help amplify and direct the energy.

My husband was always sceptical about the power of crystals until I attached a Blue Lace Agate crystal to the collar of one of my dogs and he stopped his manic barking at other dogs when we were out for a walk.  Obviously my dog wasn’t aware that he was wearing a crystal that corresponded to the throat chakra.  My husband is now a convert and we have numerous crystals in our home, all chosen for their specific properties.

I tend to use crystals every day.  I have a smokey quartz tumblestone under my pillow to help me sleep, if I have to give a talk I wear a blue sodalite necklace to help with communication, I have two rose quartz crystals in the Relationship corner of our house using Feng Shui principles, I drink water infused with crystal energy and at the moment I am experimenting with watering seedlings with crystal water.

There are numerous books about crystals, their uses and properties.  Two of my favourite authors in this field are Philip Permutt and Judy Hall.  You will often find that each crystal has numerous properties or, if you are looking up a particular physical or emotional condition a number of crystals are suggested.  You need to find the crystal that feels right for you.  Often for those with fertility issues I will suggest Carnelian, but it is not suitable for everyone.  Generally, when you are thinking of getting a crystal you will be drawn to the one you need at that particular time.

I have a small selection of tumblestones, bracelets and keyrings available detailed in my catalogue along with a brief description of their properties and a list of the most common conditions and suggested crystals.

And, I have prepared a short video giving an introduction to videos which can be viewed here.

Beware, once you start collecting and using crystals it is very difficult to stop.






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