As a complementary therapist I find it really important to look after myself in order to give the best to my clients for their treatments with me.  As part of this, as well as having regular reflexology, I also like to try out therapies I have not experienced before.  There are so many different complementary therapies out there, and most of us have our favourites, and those which we have found most beneficial.  But, it is definitely not one size fits all and a lot of the experience is down to the therapist as well as the treatment; did you feel a connection, did you feel comfortable talking to them, did you enjoy the treatment?

Recently I was telling a friend of mine about a fantastic treatment I had a couple of weeks ago and how much I was looking forward to my next appointment.  After raving about the session, I suggested my friend try out the treatment and we realised that she had also seen the same therapist and had not enjoyed it at all.  She acknowledged that she had not “clicked” with the lady, and whilst she found the treatment interesting, she had not felt any benefit and would not be rushing to rebook.  Our conversation went on to discuss other therapists we had seen and how our experiences with some of the same people and treatments differed.

It just shows that not one therapy or therapist suits all.  As in life, some people we feel an instant connection with and with complementary therapies, there are times when different therapies feel “right”.  That is why I won’t let anyone book a series of appointments with me until they have met me and experienced one of my treatments.

So, if after meeting me and having a treatment you want to book more, I have an offer for a 10% discount when booking and paying for 3 treatments in advance

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